After being in a commercial gym for many years I found myself stuck in a rut bored of the same routine same classes and lack of results I decided to try CrossFit. I was always afraid to lift weights I didn’t know how to and like most women I thought I’d get bulky. Dave and the team are great coaches their knowledge is second to none I know I am safe when lifting as they are always on hand to support and guide me through my workouts. I have gone from lifting 2kg dumbbells to deadlifting 100kg and have become the fittest women in Ireland in my age and division and I am not getting bulky. Lifting weights makes you strong not bulky. I am more confident than ever before.

Catherine O Reilly
Masters Athlete (44 yo)

I joined CrossFit Powerful almost 3 years ago, last year I took a break from CrossFit to run a marathon, I am back now 8 months and it’s the best decision I ever made, it’s simply the best coaching I have ever received. I am fitter now than when I was in my twenties.

Eamon Sullivan 
Masters Athlete (40 yo)

The atmosphere and coaching you provide doesn’t happen by accident, it’s the kind of thing that creates members for life.

Sean Mckeon